Ziro the Hutt was the Uncle of Jabba the Hutt and the owner of a club on Coruscant. In the events of the The Clone Warsanimated movie and series, Ziro was part of a failed plot with Count Dooku to kidnap Rotta the Huttlet in a plan to frame the Jedi and seize power from Jabba. When the plan failed as the result of Padmé Amidala's meddling, Ziro was imprisoned after being forced to admit his part in Rotta's abduction. From his cell he attempted to seek revenge by sending an assassin after Padmé, the scheme backfiring on him when the assassin is caught. Later, because he possessed a book detailing the shady actions of the Hutt Council, Ziro was released by Cad Bane and brought before the Hutts. Ziro was freed from the Hutt prison by Sy Snootles, but then killed by her, as well, once he had led her to the book, which she had been hired to acquire by Jabba.

Ziro, being one of the few Hutts to speak in English/Basic, is voiced by Corey Burton with a lispy southern drawl modeled on the voice of Truman Capote.

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