"Don't you realize I know when your awake?!" - Zanta Claws

Zanta Claws is one of the main villians in the Eddsworld series. He is a Zombie like Santa Claws who eats the children who have not been nice.

HistoryEdit Edit

Zanta Claws starts off in the series during one Christmas eve already eating the heads of naughty children. Zanta then encounter's Edd and his friends, as they have not been good this year, Zanta prepares to eat them. Luckily the real Santa Claws arrives and defeats Zanta with a punch to the face.

Next Christmas, Zanta had kidnapped Santa and wants to take revenge on Edd and his friends. He does so by giving the Eddsworld group "just what their hearts desire."

However, the gifts turn out to be not what the group expects and they burst into his castle. Once everyone confronts him, he swaps hats with Santa Claus in hopes that the gang wouldn't be able to tell the difference between them. Edd's friend Tom shoots the wrong Santa and Zanta pulls out a laser gun to "finish the job". Tom quickly jumps in front of the laser which bounces off his new eyes and hits a chandelier which crushes Zanta.

Zanta later returns the next Christmas, vowing to destroy Christmas. Seeing as to how his past plans failed , he tries to ally with Tom, but he turns against him. Tom with Zanta's specially armed sled attempts to destroy Christmas. Zanta then joins Edd, his friend Matt and the real Santa to take down Tom.

He provides a van to Edd, Matt, and Santa that transforms into the Boxmas bot which is used to combat Tom. When that fails, he is fired onto his sled to take part in a guitar duel with Tom, where he proves to be very skilled at playing the guitar, even more skilled than Tom and his bass. Zanta is blown up on the sled with Tom when Matt, Edd and Santa realise they were both bad guys.  In the end of the episode, he reveals he hated Christmas because ever since he died, Santa had taken his place. He makes the decision to stay dead and digs his grave in Edd's living room. From there on, he lies dead. Prompting Matt to ask "Is that going to be there FOREVER now?", prompting Edd to say "Oh, Matt!"

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