Character History Edit

Lord Zedd's old friend Witchblade was sent to prevent theAlien Rangers from finding pure water instead of a monster made by Finster. She battled the Blue Ranger, trying to prevent him from re-hydrating. She was destroyed by theShogun Megazord. Water You Thinking?

Personality Edit

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Modus and Arsenal Edit

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Notes Edit

Portrayal Edit

She shares a name with the comic series Witchblade, which chronicles the tale of a cursed relic that attaches to females and transform them into demonic warriors.

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • Witchblade contains many references to the character of the Wicked Witch of the West, from The Wizard of Oz.
    • Her voice and cackle are reminiscent of the Witch's voice as depicted in the 1939 Wizard of Oz film.
    • She says "How 'bout a little fire, Ranger?" as she blasts the Blue Ranger with fire. This mirrors the Wicked Witch's line, "How bout a little fire, Scarecrow?" as she ignites his straw.
    • She refers to the Battle Borgs as "Tin Men", likely a reference to the Tin Woodsman.
    • She refers to the Rangers as "My pretties," as the Witch calls Dorothy.
    • When defeated by the Shogun Megazord, she cries "Oh, no, I'm falling, falling! What a world!", similar to what the Witch's cry, "I'm melting! melting! Oh, what a world! What a world!"

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