The second of the five original Black Cross Monsters. Samurai Mask resembles a typical samurai from the fedual era of Japan. Complete with Samurai mask, helmet, & battle armor. Samurai mask stole a new bio-engineering tool created by scientists for humanitarian purposes and used it as the Black Cross Army's latest weapon of mass destruction. The weapon is capable of creating algae or miscellaneous forms of plant matter on any media (even humans). The Black Cross Army planned to use this weapon to cover Japanese highways with plant matter, which would cause its structure to erode and cause chaotic car accidents. In order to mass produce this weapon Samurai Mask took the lead doctor hostage and threatened to kidnap his son if he didn't comply to their demands. Samurai Mask is proficient in hand-hand sword combat and archery. He is also able to use a jutsu that transfers his life-force into a spirit, allowing him to resist the Goranger Storm attack. He meets his demise when the Black Cross missile he possesses is blown up by a demolition ammo armed Bluecherry.

Episode 1, 2

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