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This reclusive author of fictional crime novels was obviously successful enough that he could afford a summer home in Alaska. Perhaps he was too reclusive though, since he couldn't find a nice woman his own age. After exploring a relationship with a high-school student half his age, he killed her in a sudden rage.

Insomnia's Walter Finch (Robin Williams) is a very intelligent person but now the cops, led by visiting detective Will Dormer (Al Pacino), are on his trail. Lucky for him he witnesses an accident in which Dormer shoots his partner. With a bit of blackmail, Finch is soon able to manipulate Dormer into an uneasy alliance. Finch is smart enough to know, however, that he can't control Dormer forever, so he does his best to pin the murder on the victim's former boyfriend. Things begin to unravel when young Detective Ellie Burr (Hillary Swank) provides some of the missing pieces and clarifies other mistaken facts.

Finch is a smart, driven villain, determined to remain a free man using his intellect and knowledge of the police. The strongest part of his character, though, is his devotion to the idea that what he's done was, while a tragedy, just a simple accident. It wasn't meant to happen and he shouldn't be made to suffer while the victim's ex-boyfriend used to beat her and he gets no retribution. Villains who choose to be a judge, jury, and executioner on their own are often the most dangerous because of their unwielding sense of morals, whatever it may be. In the end, Walter Finch would receive his sentence in the unrelentingly icy Alaskan waters.

INTELLIGENCE - 8: Always a step ahead of Dormer and company. Must be all those crime novels he's written.

POWER - 5: Physically, he's no Schwarzenegger, so it's fortunate for him he's fighting Pacino.

VILENESS - 7: His brutal murder of his young high-school lover was just as twisted as his relationship with her.

SWAY - 8: His intelligence serves him well here; nearly convinced Dormer to willingly pin the crime on the wrong suspect.

PURITY - 9: Convinced the murder was an accident, he did everything he could to save his own behind.

PHYSICAL - 4: Looks pretty soft and cuddly, but still has a cold stern stare he likes to break out occasionally.


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