Vademon b

Group: Alien - Level: Ultimate - Type: Virus - Attack Techniques: Unidentified Flying Kiss, Alien Ray Vademon is a bizarre Digimon who lives in solitude in the mountains of Server. In the mountains there exists a doorway into a pocket dimension that Vademon calls his own - the dimension is merely an empty void, in which captives float. After the DigiDestined kids had been split up, Vademon struck a deal with DemiDevimon, who suggested that he capture Izzy and place him in his dimension. Vademon tricked Izzy into sacrificing his curiosity, and then stole his Tag and Crest, planning to give them to DemiDevimon in exchange for some of his own curiosity. When DemiDevimon found he couldn't manage to force any of his thoughts out of his mind, the two started arguing, and Pabumon was able to steal back the Tag and Crest and return them to Izzy, who reclaimed his curiosity. Pabumon Digivolved back to Tentomon, and then to Kabuterimon to battle Vademon. The villain used his kiss attack to call down meteors which pummelled Kabuterimon, but when Kabuterimon Digivolved to MegaKabuterimon for the first time, he used his Horn Buster attack to turn Vademon's attack back on him, apparently destroying him. He then blew up the mountainside, freeing Izzy from Vademon's dimension. Vademon appears in "No Questions, Please." His voice is supplied by Robert Axelrod.
Name: "Vade" comes from "invader," in reference to the fact that he has the appearance of an extra-terrestrial.

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