Turkey Jerk is a robotic turkey monster that was accidentally created by Bulk and Skull and brought to life by Lord Zedd. Bulk and Skull wanted to occupy the Rangers with a monster, in order to unmask them. Turkey Jerk regarded Bulk and Skull as his parents and wished to fight the Rangers in order to fulfill their goal. Turkey Jerk possessed a ray gun he used in combat against Billy, Adam, and Aisha. The Turkey Jerk monster was soon destroyed by the Power Cannon. The Rangers teleport away before Bulk and Skull get a chance to unmask them.

NOTE: Some of Turkey Jerk's turkey parts originally belonged to Chunky Chicken (now unplucked). Despite similar appearances, no parts of the Pudgy Pig costume were used to create the Turkey Jerk costume. Also, Turkey Jerk is a US-exclusive monster.

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