MMPR Turbanshell


Turbanshell is a monster created from an unusual shell by Lord Zedd and a monster from Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers.

History Edit

After first fighting the Rangers, Turbanshell took a break to join Zedd, but his creator was angry that the shell monster had left the battle while he was winning. Tommy was Turbanshell's next target and the monster succeeded in absorbing the last of his powers. The former Green Ranger was forced to fight the shell monster without his powers, untilGoldar intervened and told Turbanshell to attack Angel Grove while he took care of Tommy. Though the shell monster wanted to be the one to destroy the former Green Ranger, Goldar reminded him of his status below him and told him that Zedd had other plans for him. Turbanshell began attacking Angel Grove while the Power Rangers watched his rampage helpless on a news broadcast. Tommy managed to return to Angel Grove and escape from Goldar, then devised a plan to take down Turbanshell. He hid in a cart of watermelons that the shell monster ate and then began attacking him with intense heat from the inside. Zack then quickly cooled Turbanshell with a water hose, freezing him and shattering his shell. With the shell monster weakened and Tommy out of him, the rangers summoned their Thunderzords and destroyed Turbanshell.

Powers and Abilties Edit

Turbanshell is able to fire energy beams from his eyes and an energy twister from a staff that he wields with a large spiked shell on the top. He can also curl into his shell and throw himself at his opponent and also seems able to grow giant on his own without one of the bombs Zedd used to grow his monsters.