The interesting thing about this villain is that he never got on the bad side of the hero until about two-thirds of the way through the movie. If you'll remember, Eric Draven was resurrected in The Crow to take out the group of bad guys who killed him and his fianc� the previous year. Of course, these bad guys worked for Top Dollar, a shrewd, twisted businessman who ran the city with his own brand of capitalism and chaos. When his boys started to die, the Crow became his problem as well.

From the beginning, however, Top Dollar was fighting his own inner demons. He was a heavy drug user, sleeping with his sister (or his "father's daughter," as he referred to her), and obviously had some kind of bad cold which made his voice extra deep and menacing. But though it all, he remained a businessman first and foremost, looking to reclaim the glory of his earlier days and raise the stakes for future returns on his investment in the city.

Perhaps it was his underestimation of Eric Draven that did him in. He seemed to be swatting at flies when he should have been shooting down this Crow with both barrels a-blazin'. In the end, though, it was simply Draven's desire for vengeance and to protect his friends that counted more than Top Dollar's desire for an obstacle-free business marketplace. The Crow just put Top Dollar in the red, permanently.

INTELLIGENCE - 7: Pretty solid mentally and made good decisions.

POWER - 6: Counted on his gang to do most of the work, but his talent with swords shows in the end.

VILENESS - 7: Kept some pretty nasty habits, including sleeping with his sister and killing their sexual partners.

SWAY - 8: Had a number of followers who were pretty talented for your usual gang of hoodlums.

PURITY - 4: Saw Draven simply as a nuisance; comes off more like a businessman than master criminal.

PHYSICAL - 6: Good look for a bad guy, but the voice scores him the points here.

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