The Toymaker is an enemy of Space Ghost in Hannah-Barbera's Space Stars.

First Appearance- Vacationing on an uncharted world, Space Ghost, Jace, Jan and Blip are enjoying the tranquil setting. Knights capture the twins on horses. They are taken to the ship of the Toymaker. Robot Samurai's attacks space Ghost. Space Ghost flies to the Toymaker's ship. A robot Jace and Jan take Space Ghost's power bands. The Toymaker has created an army of Space Ghost Robots. Space Ghost tricks the Toymaker to give him back his power bands. Space Ghost destroys the robots and captures the Toymaker.

Second Appearance- Space Ghost and Blip are traveling to Cetia 3 to pick up Jace and Jan. The Toymaker has miniaturized the entire planet of Cetia 3. Space Ghost and Blip go aboard the Toymaker's ship and find the planet inside a glass case. Space Ghost contacts Jace and Jan using Morse code. The Toymaker gives Space Ghost one hour to give up his power bands, or he will destroy the planet. Jace and Jan destroy the miniaturization device. Space Ghost captures the Toymaker.

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