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Any villain with his/her own theme song scores extra points in my book. You know, Vader's got the Imperial March. I mean... that's bad ass. The Thin Man fromCharlie's Angels: he's got a Proidgy song. Now that is cool.

There's actually not a lot about the Thin Man that isn't cool, to be exact. He's got the great wardrobe, always dressed to the nines. He's got some incredible physical skill, able to kick Angel ass in a single bound. And he never speaks, communicating only with the sternest of looks in the slowest slow-motion shots you've ever seen. And the man knows how to smoke a cigarette.

He is a sight to behold, indeed, and until Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle hit the theatres, he only had one problem: screen time. He had very memorable moments - The Fight in the alley, the racing car duel with my girl Cameron D., a brawl with Lucy Liu - but beyond those, he's barely in the first flick. In this respect, you really have to give some credit/blame to Sam Rockwell, turning his nerdy Eric Knox into a sex machine and stealing the show from everyone else, poor Crispin Glover included.

Now that the sequel has opened, we have learned more about the young boy who found himself in an orphanage after growing up in a circus. The Thin Man became a mercenary, paid to kick the ass of whomever his boss was trying to take down. However, when one of the targets was a young man from the same orphange that saved his life, he would take matters into his own hands (and feet). In the end, he would use his powers for good, all the while continuing his obsession with a certain Angel.

His origins have been exposed, his story has been deepened, his complexities have been revealed, and it all leads to one undeniable conclusion: villain or not, crazy is crazy. That's why The Thin Man belongs on this board.

INTELLIGENCE - 6: An experienced fighter with unpredictable moves.

POWER - 7: His fighting skills are pretty incredible, as is his ability to defy death.

VILENESS - 4: His methods are too straightforward to allow for any elaborate blood spilling.

SWAY - 6: This mute can disturb even the steadiest angel, even without a word.

PURITY - 7: An obsessed mercenary in the first movie, his loyalties became more personal (and good) in Full Throttle.

PHYSICAL - 6: Always looks cool and has a great theme song.

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