the leader

When an ordinary laborer was moving a load of waste material in the sub-cellar of a chemical research plant, a one-in-a-million freak accident occurred as an experimental gamma ray cylinder exploded.The trapped laborer was helplessly caught in the blast. For about a minute his entire body was bombarded by the mysterious gamma rays, one of the strongest forces known to man. Although a fraction of the dosage he received would have been enough to kill a dozen men, for some inexplicable reason the laborer survived. He seem completely unharmed.

Yet, he was different. After leaving the observation ward, he read every book he could find. He studied like a man possessed and remembered everything he read. His mind absorbed knowledge like a sponge. A few days later, the long-term effects of the gamma rays finally took place and he went unconscious. When he awoke, he did not suspect what happened to him, but when he looked into the mirror, he knew that he had become something more than human. The once unskilled laborer had been transformed by the gamma rays into one of the greatest brains that ever lived. "My former name is meaningless now! I choose to be known simply as... The Leader!"