• In Steve Barrons 1996 live action film The Adventures of Pinocchio, the Fox and the Cat (portrayed by Rob Schneiderand Bebe Neuwirth) are named Volpe ('Fox' in Italian) and Felinet, and are portrayed as human thieves in league withMangiafuoco (named Lorenzini in this adaptation). In a reversal of roles, Felinet is female and takes on the more dominant role while Volpe is a bungling sidekick. They first appear at their first encounter with Pinocchio, from which Geppetto takes Pinocchio while telling Volpe and Felinet that Pinocchio will play with his own sort. Volpe and Felinet later witness Pinocchio causing mischievous havoc in a bakery even when the police arrive. As in the novel, the pair trick Pinocchio into giving up his coins by taking him to the Field of Miracles (depicted near a monastery), where they steal the money. In conclusion, they are tricked by Pinocchio into drinking cursed water which transforms them into a real fox and cat, and later captured by a farmer where they later witness Pinocchip in town. When Volpe quotes "Don't you just hate that kid," Felinet quotes "Not as much as I hate you."
  • In The New Adventures of Pinocchio (the sequel to The Adventures of Pinocchio), Volpe and Felinet (played by Simon Schatzberger and Sarah Alexander) are owned by a circus run by Lorenzini's widow Madame Flambeau (Lorenzini in disguise) where they are shown in half-animal forms. The two of them lead Pinocchio and Lampwick to Madame Flambeau to purchase her elixir, which turns Pinocchio and Geppetto into puppets. While Pepe the Cricket, in the form of the Dwarf Showman, makes off with Pinocchio, Volpe and Felinet make off with Geppetto's puppet form. In conclusion, they try and fail to restore their human forms. When Geppetto gains ownership of the circus, Volpe and Felinet are shown doing the tango after apparently accepting their fate.

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