The Daltons

The Daltons are a quartet of brothers that act as recurring antagonists in the Lucky Luke comics and it's cartoon and movie adaptations. The archenemies of Lucky Luke, they are feared outlaws, they usually break out of jail to pursue Luke, only for Luke to put them back at the end of each episode. Though they were initially shown as incompetent, they eventually became a real threat as the series went on. They all have the same face and wear the same clothes, being distinguished by their height.

Joe Dalton Edit

The oldest and shortest of the brothers, Joe acts as the leader of the group. He is always angry and is the only to be shown to have a personal grudge against Luke. He has shown to have enough intelligence to mastermind their plans and even manipulate others

William and Jack Dalton Edit

The middle brothers both in age and height, they remain silent for the majority of the time, only following Joe around. Because of this, they have no defined personality traits.

Averell Dalton Edit

The youngest and taller of the brothers, and also the dumbest. He is actually very good-natured and barely evil at all, and because of this his wanted posters often have a very low reward for his capture, unlike his brothers. Nevertheless, Averell also follows his brothers around for whatever scheme they have in mind. When he is not being picked on by Joe for his dumbness (which often screws them up), he is complaining about food.

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