The Coachman

The Coachman, as portrayed in the 1940 Disney film Pinocchio

The Coachman appears in the 1940 Disney film adaptation, where he is voiced byCharles Judels (who also voiced Stromboli). Unlike L'Omino who worked alone, Disney's Coachman enlists Honest John and Gideon to help him lure wayward boys to take to "Pleasure Island" and ultimately turn them into donkeys to sell. Also shown are numerous silent, black, ape-like henchmen working for him on the island. Unlike the book's "Little Man," Disney's Coachman is large, physically imposing, and has a harsh, rather than alluring voice, along with a Cockney accent. Though physically and verbally abusive toward the children-turned-donkeys, he does not mutilate them as in the book. Like Stromboli, the Coachman's ultimate fate is never revealed.

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