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Tenga Warriors are large bird warriors that serve Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa, from MMPR Season Three to Countdown to Destruction. The Tenga are said to be the fiercest warriors in the universe; however, the repeated defeats dealt to them by the Power Rangers would later prove this to be untrue.

When Rito Revolto arrived on the moon, he buried the eggs in the moon's sandy surface so they could hatch in the perfect enviroment. He later forgot what they were until Rita counted to ten as a warning to remember, but she was ecstatic to recieve such a gift when she found them. These ferocious birds challenged the Rangers in battle, taking the place of the Putty Patrollers. The Rangers usually defeated them in their Ninja Ranger forms, but sometimes fought them morphed, like the Putties.

The Tengas were the first Power Rangers foot soldiers to speak fluent English, something that is not often seen to this day. Despite this, they were, in practice, no more intelligent than their predecessors.

When Master Vile arrived, he gave the Tengas special seeds. This made them more deadly, forcing the Rangers to fight with their new Metallic Armor and rendering the Ninja Ranger powers obsolete.


The last major appearance of the Tenga Warriors occured in the Power Rangers Zeo finale "Good As Gold". Rita and Zedd dispatched Tengas to confront the Machine Empire, who countered with their own Cogs. The fight ended in a stalemate, leaving both groups of villains disappointed at their minions' incompetence.

Later Appearances Edit

A Tenga Warrior was seen at Piggy's restaurant, in the year 2025. Wired

Notes Edit

  • The Tenga Warriors, along with their MMPRTM counterparts, Professor Longnose from Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers, and his Ninja Sentai Kakuranger counterpart are based on the Tengu a creature that is part of Japanese Mythology.
  • The costumes for the Tenga Warriors are actually the Tengu Warriors costumes from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie, though redesigned with a more unkempt and messy appearance.
  • The usage of the Tengas as this season's minions is more similar to the usage of the the Bird Ninja Karasutengu of Metal Heroes series Sekai Ninja Sen Jiraiya than the original minions of Kakuranger, the Dorodoros.

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