Stingwingers were arthropoidian bipeds from the Power Rangers lost galaxy universe.

PhysiologyEdit Edit

They were similar in hight to humans, but instead of hands had a sickle on one arm and had multiple eyes. Another feature was thay had wings which (similarly to beatles) folded & unfolded on their backs allowing for flight.

It should also be noted that, although they are humanoid currently, it is stated by Scorpius that this is not their original form, suggesting they may have gone through several metomorphosis.

HistoryEdit Edit

Stingwingers were the footsoldiers of the alien warlord Scorpius, after his demise command of them fell to his doughter Trakeena, using sheer numbers to attack.

The Stingwingers (This breed at least) were eventually all destroyed in a mass kamikaze attack on the colony ship Terra Venture in a plan by Trakeena to avenge her fathers death.

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