The Sorceress with the Trident

The Sorceress (or The Lady in the Cave) is a minor antagonist who appears in the television series The Little Mermaid.. She is voiced by Linda Gary.

Role in the series Edit Edit

The Sorceress appears in the episode "Red" as the main antagonist of the episode as a disembodied head. She was cursed to be trapped in a cave by King Triton himself, due to some unstated crimes. She would conspire with Glowfish to get the trident and set herself free. She gives Glowfish a magic flute, which physically and mentally reverts Triton to a child. Glowfish, under the sorceress's orders, lures Triton, now calling himself "Red", with the goal of obtaining the trident. The Sorceress attempts to act helpless and vulnerable in order to convince the young Triton to free her. Because Triton encountered the sorceress as an adult, the child version of Triton remained unaware for the danger, though he admitted that the Sorceress seemed familiar. Before the Sorceress can be freed, the spell on Triton wears off, and he uses the trident to defeat her, causing the Sorceress to remain imprisoned.

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