A monster created from the fictional "Rasbel" flower, a carnivorous plant that had its own mobility and feed on small animals. Although almost invincible, Rasbelga's only weakness was the fruit of a tree discovered by Sayuri, an old girlfriend of Mukai's, which made him regurgitate the people he swallowed. It also robbed him of his pollen spray. Aside from spraying pollen, it could also shoot out vines from its mouth to strangle enemies. Mukai went to stop Rasbelga by donning a bulky armor, calling himself "Mukaider K-3", though the armor fell apart gradually as he fought. Despite this, Mukai's actions enabled Blue Beet to help G.Stag and Reddle, who were stuck within Rasbelga's stomach, to break free and finish the monster. EPISODE TWENTY-EIGHT

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