Professer ramon de la porta

Professor Ramone De La Porta is one of the main antagonists in the animated TV series Kong: The Animated Series and a minor antagonist in the film Kong: Return to the Jungle.

Biography Edit

In the show's prologue, De La Porta attacked the lab where Kong was cloned, but when Kong fought back, De La Porta's hand was burned in acid.

Later, De La Porta appeared to be Jason's friend and asked him to take him to the island where Kong was. De La Porta soon revealed his true intentions and used the DNA merger sequence to merge with animals on the island and fight Kong, but was defeated, separated, and fell over the waterfall.

De La Porta survived, and removed the Primal Stones to attain their power. This resulted in the partial release of Chiros, the secondary antagonist of the series. For the rest of the series, De La Porta tries to defeat Kong and gain the power of the Primal Stones, with his henchmen Omar, Giggles, Frazetti, and Tiger Lucy, all of them often using the DNA merger sequence to possess various animals and transform. At one point he is kidnapped by an arms dealer, Andre, forcing the heroes to rescue him as Andre was using the DNA merger to become a sea monster.

In the final episodes of the series, De La Porta teams up with Chiros and Harpy, using the Primal Stones in a ritual to release Chiros. The ritual requires the life force of a corrupt human, thus De La Porta's life force was sucked out and Chiros was released. After Kong reimprisoned Chiros and destroyed him, his life force was returned to him, but was broken by the ceremony, leaving him in a permanent state of shock. He was admitted to a special hospital, and the doctors were sure he'd never recover.

Personality Edit

Ramone has black & grey hair, mustache, he wears green shirt, glasses & has black eyebrows. Ramone can transform with a cyber-link to animals & gold crystals to becom a powerful genius in the world.

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