the Polite Leader

The Polite Leader is the main antagonist of the science fiction thriller known as the Purge.

ever the Polite Leader acts as the main antagonistic force in the film alongside his gang of "purgers" because unlike the government, he directly goes against the protagonists. The Polite Leader Who kidnap Angel who seeks to cleanse America of unwanted (such as homeless) and threatens to kill the protagonist's entire family unless they surrender a homeless man that stumbled onto their property, he shows a perverse sense of respect for those of high social class and does not wish to kill his "own kind" if possible but has no qualms with murder, rape and other atrocities towards the lower classes.

The Polite Leader is shown to be in a relationship with a blond female purger wielding a bloody blade, this is proven in the scene where Charlie is checking the CCTV located on the front door.

The antics of the Polite Leader and his gang are allowed due to the dystopian rule of the annual Purge - in which all crime is legal and no emergency services are called out, part of a Social Darwinist agenda by 2022 America to get rid of the "unwanted" members of society.