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Motodrone was originally called Perry, a motorcycle expert who was conducting an experiment to create a new generation of motorcycle. Unfortunately, there was an accident and he became Motodrone. Hunter destroyed Motodrone and freed Perry with his newly acquired Ninja Glider Cycle. Motodrone has show interest in destroying Hunter, more so then the other rangers, leading him and Hunter to be archenemies.

Motodrone was later rebuilt and revived by Lothor by transferring the soul of a Kelzak.

Motodrone wielded a sword, rode on a motorcycle, and wore a brown cloak when he was revived. Motodrone then fought the Power Rangers under the command of Lothor. He was later destroyed by Vexacus when he threatened to disclose Vexacus' treacherous agenda to Lothor. He came back once more from the Abyss, but was quickly destroyed one final time by Shane (although like the other generals, it was not revealed if Motodrone was completely destroyed since he was only seen falling down after being blasted).

Motodrone is voiced by Craig Parker.

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