Mantis also known as Hakim is a villain from Bruce Lee's last martial arts action film Game of Death 1978 he is playd by American professional allstar basketball player (Kareem Abdul-Jabbar) who is 7 ft 2 and has a weight of 225 lb. in the movie he is the hired muscle and bodyguard of main villain Dr. Land (Hugh O'Brian) a racketeering "syndicate" Crime Boss at the start of the movie Land sends Mantis after a man who refuses to fight for him the man trys to fight off Mantis but he is overpowered and overwhelmed by Mantis size and strength the man desperate to escape runs up a flight of stairs only for Mantis to easily reach up and pull him right back down and pick him up and kill him. Mantis is next seen at the end of the movie he fight's Billy Lo (Bruce Lee) a fighter and moviestar who is trying to put a stop to Dr. Land and the syndicate at first Billy Lo is overpowered and is put down with one kick from Mantis (who is sitting in a chair) Mantis lands several power blows and kicks but Billy Lo turns the tables on him using superior speed and martial arts he puts Mantis down and and break's his neck.