Malaka is a brown-skinned, reptilian alien with an orange Mohawk. He is the chief doctor of Planet Frieza 79 and a doctor on Planet Vegeta. He is mostly seen monitoring injured warriors as they heal in the Medical Machine.

Personality Edit

Unlike most other soldiers in the Planet Trade Organization, he is not violent and is quite polite when around Saiyans. In fact he is a model doctor, treating his patients with respect.

Biography Edit

Bardock - The Father of Goku Edit

On Planet Vegeta, Malaka appeared when Kakarot (aka Goku) was born. He and Planthorr were in charge of healing Bardock's wounds after Bardock and his teammates returned from Planet Kanassa. To Malaka's surprise, the scanners showed that Bardock's power reading was over 10,000, which was enough to fight with King Vegeta. After Bardock was healed, Planthorr told Bardock that his teammates Tora, Shugesh, Borgos and Fasha were heading to Planet Meat to which the Saiyan left soon afterward.

Namek Saga Edit

On Planet Frieza 79, Malaka was in charge of healing Vegeta in the Medical Machine after his defeat on Earth. After Vegeta was healed, Malaka was shocked at the excessive damage to thearmor which occurred during the Saiyan's visit to Earth. When Vegeta rushes to his pod to go to Namek, he runs into Malaka holding a scouterwhich the defecting Saiyan takes reluctantly.

Frieza Saga Edit

Still on Planet Frieza 79, Malaka and other soldiers were monitoring the battle between Goku as a Super Saiyan andFrieza. However, the machines could not handle Goku's nor Frieza's power levels and exploded.

Trunks Saga Edit

Malaka's final appearance in the series was when he was seen on Cold's unnamed planet monitoring Frieza in the Medical Machine as well as helping other scientists construct Frieza's new mechanical body for King Cold. He was possibly on King Cold's ship when Future Trunks destroyed it, killing him in the process.

Voice actors Edit

  • Japanese version: Kazumi Tanaka
  • Ocean Dub: Terry Klassen
  • FUNimation Dub: Mark Britten (Originally) and Chris Cason (Onwards)
  • Latin American Dub: Sergio Castillo (Bardock - The Father of Goku)

Trivia Edit

  • In Dragon Ball Z: Bardock - The Father of Goku, it was believed that Malaka was still on Planet Vegeta when Frieza destroyed it, supposedly killing him. However, this is inconsistent with the fact that he makes later appearances in the Namek Saga, Frieza Saga andTrunks Saga, which means he could have escaped from the Saiyan planet via the launch center after evacuating as many of Frieza's personnel as he could. This plot hole was somewhat corrected inDragon Ball Z Kai.
  • In Dragon Ball Z Kai, Malaka appears in the first episode of the first arc, and the first episode of the second and final arc.

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