220px-Machine Army Leader General Deathzero

Machine Army Leader General Deathzero Leader of Waller's Battle Mechanoids he is a black-armored android who is programmed with a knowledge of all tactics. He can transform into the Deathzero Torpedo, a black headed missile that is launched from a catapult. He transforms into this form twice during the series (Episodes 24 and 42), which coincidentally were the only two times he battled Spielban himself. It was strongly hinted that Deathzero was attracted to Diana. He later challenges Spielban to a second battle (both inside and outside of his tank), now having become/been promoted to Super General and powered with a 10,000 volt cylinder given to him by Pandora. He is destroyed by Spielban soon afterwards, with Spielban using his infamous finishing attack. Episodes 1–42

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