MAL is an artificial intellegence presumably created by Dr. Blight, although this is not explicitly stated in the series. However, in the episode,The Tree Of Life , it is revealed that MAL was originally a very friendly computer who liked to play games but then Dr. Blight programmed him with her evil ideas changing his personality as well as his appearance which gives the possibility that MAL might have stolen him rather then created him. MAL's so-called original face looked that of a young man with glasses on a computer screen. In the episode, Polluting By Computer , where MAL was first seen, he had 3 different faces that seemed to resemble those of monsters but his faces were only seen once while his face was just a blank screen for the rest of the episode. In MAL's second appearance, The Deadly Ransom his face resembled a man with glasses and a mustache in the colors of green, white and black and that has been his face ever since.

MAL has the ability to hack into other computer systems, take over them and reprogram them mainly to Dr. Blight's specifications. He is often control and main power source of everything in Dr. Blight's labs as well as the vehicles she travels in. Blight often flirts with him and he often seems to do the same. There are also times where he argues with her and even riducles her that her plans won't work and usually he's right. 

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