Lord Zedd

Lord Zedd

Lord Zedd[edit] Edit

Darth Vader-inspired Lord Zedd was the primary antagonist for the second and third seasons.

☀Lord Zedd - Ed Neil

Lord Zedd's attention turns to the park.  Lord Zedd comments, my monster will lure each Ranger.  Lord Zedd laughs with delight as he adds, and capture them in a magic jar and drain them of their powers.  Goldar is there as well and Lord Zedd turns around and faces him.  Goldar adds with the Putties serving as decoys it is truly a masterful plan.  Lord Zedd instructs Goldar to start right away.  Lord Zedd wants the Green Ranger to be the first to fall.  Zedd's Putties are sent down to the park.  Goldar informs Lord Zedd, they have the Green Ranger.  Lord Zedd sends down Octophantom.  Octophantom captures Green Ranger in his magic jar.  Octophantom vanishes. Green Ranger is being held captive in one of Lord Zedd's dimensions.  Lord Zedd's image informs him that in no time at all, he will be a powerless shell.  But don't worry, your friends will be joining you soon.  So you won't be alone for long.   Green Ranger tells Lord Zedd he won't get away with this.  My friends won't let you.  Lord Zedd responds, since your friends are so adamantly against graffititi, I have command the Octophantom to paint some on one of your precious statues.  Then when they try to stop him, the real fun begins.  Green Ranger shouts, leave my friends alone!  Lord Zedd responds, your friends are doomed!  Lord Zedd laughs.  Octophantom returns and paints on some of the monuments to draw out the Rangers.  It works and he is soon battling the Rangers.  During the battle, Blue Ranger notices Octophantom's vanity.  Octophantom manages to captures Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Black Ranger.  Red Ranger and Blue Ranger retreat.  Later, Red Ranger returns and fights Octophantom.  He is soon joined by Blue Ranger who gives Red Ranger a shield with a mirror inside to distract Octophantom.  As Red Ranger distracts Octophantom, Blue Ranger rescues the rest of the Rangers.  Blue Ranger sends Green Ranger to the Command Center, as he is too weak to fight.  The rest of the Rangers join Red Ranger as they face down Octophantom.  With Goldar standing beside him, Lord Zedd declares, we must destroy them.  It's time for the Octophantom to grow!  Lord Zedd throws down his grow bomb.  Octophantom grows to giant size.  The Rangers summon their thunder zords and quickly form Thunder Megazord.  The battle continues until Octophantom is destroyed by Thunder Megazord.

Lord Zedd declares, a Stag Beetle shall be my monster.  Goldar watches as Lord Zedd uses his staff to create Stag Beetle out of the Stone Canyon's poster.  Later, Lord Zedd is watching Tommy and Kimberly on a run in the park.   He declares, I'll show you how you can lose!  I'll send down my Putties to hold you for the Stag Beetle.  Lord Zedd yells at his Putties to go.  Goldar shouts, at last, the end of the Green Ranger is at hand!  The plan works and the Putties keep Tommy and Kimberly busy until Stag Beetle arrives.  Stag Beetle drains Green Ranger of his powers.  Goldar tells Lord Zedd, your plan worked perfectly!  Lord Zedd responds, of course it has, you mindless minions!  And now we shall begin phase two!  Baboo comments, I like his style better than Rita's!  Squatt agrees.  Lord Zedd continues, I shall order the Stag Beetle to attack Angel Grove.   When the Power Rangers respond, he'll destroy them with the Green Ranger's own powers.  Eventually, thanks to a device from Alpha 5, Green Ranger was able to take his powers back.  The rest of the Rangers defeated Stag Beetle.  Blue Ranger felt Stag Beetle wasn't done yet.  Lord Zedd, with Goldar standing behind him, states, you better believe he's not done.  Just watch!  Grow Stag Beetle!  Lord Zedd throws his grow bomb.  Stag Beetle grows to giant size.  The Rangers summon their Thunder Zords and quickly form Thunder Megazord.  The battle continues until Stag Beetle is destroyed by Thunder Megazord.  Squatt exclaims, oh boy!  Baboo adds, kaboom is my favorite sound!  Lord Zedd yells at them, silence!  The Stag Beetle may have failed me, but this time it has not been a total loss.  Goldar is confused.  But your beetle was destroyed, my lord.  Whatever do you mean?  Lord Zedd answers, the beetle drained much of the Green Ranger's power.  Now it's only a matter of time before he is destroyed.  

Goldar returns to the Moon Palace.   Lord Zedd asks, so Goldar you have returned?  I assume this means you have the girl?   Goldar responds, yes oh fiendish one.  We grabbed her right off the beach.  Lord Zedd is pleased.  Excellent.  Perhaps you have a brain after all.  And the instructions?  Where is the bottle?  Goldar reluctantly responds, I lost it in the battle.  Lord Zedd is in disbelief.  In the what?!  The battle?!  With a little girl?!  Oh, poor Goldar.  It must have be fierce.  I should make soup out of you!  Baboo and Squatt cowered in fear at Lord Zedd's anger.  Lord Zedd continues, actually, this might even be better.  When the Power Rangers found out where the girl is, they'll come to rescue her.  Goldar quickly agrees.  Yes, they always do.  I remember one time when...Lord Zedd yells at him, silence!  When they come to save the girl, we'll ransom her and our price, the Green Ranger.  After while, Lord Zedd informs Goldar that the Power Rangers are now on Venus Island.  They've taken the bait.  Now to spring the trap.  Invenusable Flytrap arise and attack!  Instead the Rangers destroy Invenusable Flytrap with their Power Blaster.   Lord Zedd states, blast it Rangers!  They give me indigestion!  No wonder the Invenusable Flytrap couldn't stomach them.  Goldar!  You melon head!  I'm holding you personally responsible for this disaster.  Baboo and Squatt are there as well.  Squatt comments, good thing that doesn't go for us too.  Lord Zedd continues to yell at Goldar.  You couldn't outsmart a fish sandwich!  Lord Zedd then storms over to Baboo and Squatt to yell at them.  And that goes for you two pea brains!  Squatt asks, what's that about a fish sandwich?  Lord Zedd storms away from them.  He states, at least I still have the girl.  Venus Island obey me!  Sink into the sea!  But the Rangers rescue Hallie before the island sinks.  Baboo, Squatt, and Goldar are with Lord Zedd.  Lord Zedd states, those insurable power punks.  They rescue the girl when she was on the verge of joining my evil minions.  And again, the Green Ranger has eluded me.  But you have not seen the last of Zedd, Power Rangers.  Victory shall be mine! 

Lord Zedd decides to create Guitardo.  After awhile, Lord Zedd announces his spell to create the Guitardo monster isready.  Time to face the music Power Rangers!  Squatt and Baboo get very excited.  Lord Zedd continues, the monster will use the Pink Ranger's guitar to work his hypnotic magic.  Soon they will all be under my control.  Goldar notes if those Power Brats don't outsmart your monster again.  Lord Zedd yells at him silence you insolence fool!  Squatt and Baboo cower in fear.Lord Zedd states, the stage is set, now let the show begin!  Lord Zedd uses his staff on the bug on Bulk's shoulder.  Very quickly, Guitardo has Black Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Red Ranger floating in the air.  He also has Green Ranger sinking into pavement.  Lord Zedd is ecstatic as he exclaims, yes!  Victory is a sweet melody!  Goldar is excited as well.  Baboo and Squatt clap their hands and cheer.  Baboo shouts encore!  Unfortunately, Pink Ranger comes to Green Ranger's aid.  Guitardo is destroyed by the combination of the Power Bow and Dragon Dagger.  Lord Zedd slams his fist down and yells no!  How could Guitardo lose?! My plan was perfect!  Goldar wisely doesn't answer.  Squatt and Baboo are frighten and Baboo nervously responds, that's what I thought.   Squatt tries to make a suggestion, maybe you should have...Lord Zedd yells at them, silence!  Those Power Brats have crushed me for the last time!  Next time I want them crushed.

Lord Zedd has been watching Angel Grove High School, where five new teens were terrorizing the school.  Squatt, Baboo, and Goldar are with him.  Lord Zedd asks, did you see that Goldar?  Lord Zedd doesn't wait for a response.  He continues, yes, they are absolutely perfect.  Those five surly teenagers shall become my evil super heroes, the Dark Rangers.  Goldar adds, a stroke of genius most foul lord.  But what is the purpose of this strange crystal?  Lord Zedd responses, when the Green Ranger is no more, the crystal will be fully charged.  And I will use it to destroy Zordon and his Command Center.  Goldar comments, I can feel it siphoning off the Green Ranger's powers.  Goldar laughs.  The following day, Lord Zedd is now watching the confrontation taking place at the beach between the new teens and Kimberly, Billy, Zack, and Jason.  Squatt, Baboo, and Goldar are still with him.  Lord Zedd states, you see Goldar?  Arrogant, nasty, disrespectful.  Those are my five warriors.  The final element to complete my plan. Lord Zedd announces, it is time!  Now to summon the Dark Rangers to my play land.  To the other world!  Lord Zedd points his staff down towards the teens.  Goldar watches.   A sudden electric charge surrounds the new teens and they disappear.  Lord Zedd welcomes the teens to his other world.  You have been chosen to be my Dark Rangers.  And together, we will conquer the earth!  Goldar protests.  But master, the Green Ranger still has strength left.  Lord Zedd responds, not for long.  The crystal is draining Tommy's power.  Soon I'll send down my newest monster and when the Rangers battle him, Tommy is sure to join the fight.  Goldar adds and use the last of his strength.  Goldar and Lord Zedd laugh.  Lord Zedd continues, the time has come.  Inspire by little Kimberly's seashell, it's my latest, most devious creation.  Behold Turbanshell!Turbanshell is created and responds, I'm here Lord Zedd.  Your wish is my command.  I'll take care of those Power Rangers for you.  Turbanshell walks away from the beach.  Giant size, Turbanshell begins to wreck the city.  At the Command Center, Tommy insists on going with his friends to battle Turbanshell.   Lord Zedd comments, yes Tommy.  Help your puny power ranger friends.  Because then you shall use your Green Ranger powers forever.  The moment I have been waiting for is at hand.  Lord Zedd laughs.  Turbanshell easily defeats Thunder Megazord and Dragonzord.  Lord Zedd tells Goldar to pay attention.  The Dark Rangers are standing close by.  Lord Zedd tells Goldar, the siphoning to the crystal is nearly complete.  When the Green Ranger is rendered completely powerless I want you to see to it...Turbanshell appears, which startles Lord Zedd.  Lord Zedd yells at Turbanshell, what are you doing here?!  Turbanshell explains, I had to recharge.  Lord Zedd yells, you're suppose to be fighting the Power Rangers!  Turbanshell replies, I had them on the ropes Lord Zedd.  This makes Lord Zedd more angry.  What?  And you let them go when you could have finished them?!  Get back down there and fight until the Green Ranger is through!  Do you understand?!  Turbanshell replies, as you command, oh patient one.  I shall not fail you.  Turbanshell vanishes.  Lord Zedd then teleports Green Ranger to a vast field where Turbanshell waits. Turbanshell easily drains Green Ranger's powers.   Green Ranger's power is transferred to the crystal.  Lord Zedd exclaims, at last!  The Green Ranger is no more!  His powers now belong to Lord Zedd!  Goldar adds, victory is finally yours!  Goldar laughs.  Lord Zedd continues, with this new power, we shall begin the next phase of my plan.  The elimination of the Power Rangers and the rise of the Dark Rangers!  Lord Zedd and Goldar laugh.  Moments later, Lord Zedd teleports Zack, Billy, Kimberly, Trini, and Jason into the other world.  Jason, Zack, Billy, Kimberly, and Trini are encased in a force field.  Lord Zedd and Goldar confront the teens and introduce the Dark Rangers to them.  Jason tries to convince the Dark Rangers not to listen to Lord Zedd, that Lord Zedd only cares about himself.  The Dark Rangers refuse to listen.  Lord Zedd holds up a crystal that contains the Green Ranger's powers and tells them Tommy will soon be defeated.  Kimberly asks where Tommy is, but Lord Zedd tells her nothing.

Lord Zedd is keeping an eye on the four teens.  Excellent!  They are all together and out in the open.  Goldar remarks, that will make it easier to catch them my lord.  Lord Zedd snaps as he turns around, nothing is that simple for you Goldar!  Capture them and bring them to my Dimension of Doom.  Goldar bows before heading out.  Goldar successfully captures the four teens and teleports them to the Dimension of Doom.  Lord Zedd has been watching and he is very pleased.  Well done Goldar.  You may have those four to play with, the Red Ranger however is mine.  Lord Zedd is also keeping an eye on the Command Center.  Lord Zedd laughs.  That trophy Red Ranger wants to win would become the instrument of his demise.  Lord Zedd's spell hits the Golden Pipe trophy and it floats away.  The Golden Pipe trophy travels to a warehouse and transforms into Pipebrain.  Lord Zedd states, the showdown begins Red Ranger.  A final battle of wits between you and me.  Red Ranger battles Pipebrain and several Putties.  Red Ranger defeats the Putties.  Goldar is with Lord Zedd and they watched the battle together.  Lord Zedd shouts down to Red Ranger, think you're tough do you?! Well try this on for size! Lord Zedd throws down his grow bomb.  Pipebrain grows to giant size.  Red Ranger summons Red Dragon Zord and the battle continues.  Eventually Pipebrain is destroyed by Red Dragon Zord.  With the destruction of Pipebrain, the Golden Pipe trophy returns.  Red Ranger goes to the Dimension of Doom, battles and defeats Goldar.  Red Ranger uses the rest of the Rangers' power coins to restore the candles and transfer the power back to the Rangers.  Afterwards, Squatt, Baboo, and Goldar are with Lord Zedd.  Lord Zedd states, I don't understand it.  The more I divide them, the more they come together.  I swear I will find a way to destroy them, even if I have to scour the entire galaxy to do it. 

Lord Zedd tells Goldar, the time is at hand.  Go!  Capture the Pink Ranger.  My new queen.  Lure her to the dark side.  When she has tasted the power of evil, her days as a good doer will be over.  Lord Zedd laughs.  Goldar vows to train her well.  Lord Zedd exclaims, then victory will be ours!  The final defeat of the Power Rangers!  Goldar leaves.  Goldar successfully captures Kimberly.   Lord Zedd is pleased.  Excellent.  Tommy's little mirror gift.  Just what I need to show the Power Rangers a reflection of things to come.  Lord Zedd points his staff down towards the mirror.  The mirror transforms into Mirror Maniac.  Lord Zedd laughs and shouts perfect!  After awhile, Lord Zedd wants to further divide the Rangers.  Lord Zedd spots Richie and Curtis in the park.  Lord Zedd sends down several Putties that go after Curtis and Richie.  Goldar (who has returned briefly) adds, in time their world will be ours.  But soon things fall apart, Zack stops the Putty attack on Curtis and Richie.  Blue Ranger and Yellow Ranger rescue Kimberly from the cave.  Lord Zedd is furious that Goldar has failed.  Lord Zedd creates Mirror Maniac out of Kimberly's mirror.  The Rangers defeat Mirror Manic.  With Goldar by his side, Lord Zedd makes his monster grow.  The Rangers called for their Thunder Zords.  With the Thunder Megazord, the Rangers destroy Mirror Maniac.  Lord Zedd is furious with Goldar, Baboo, and Squatt.

Lord Zedd senses a weakening in the power grid. Goldar, quick to take credit, tells him, our armies have been getting stronger.  I knew if we kept....Lord Zedd yells at him, silence you fool!  Baboo and Squatt cower in fear as Lord Zedd continues, it's more than that.  The morphin grid's balance is maintained by the constant struggle between Zordon and myself.  Goldar suggests that maybe Zordon finally gave up.  Lord Zedd adds, or is somehow damaged.  Either way, now is the perfect chance to retrieve the former Green Ranger.  Goldar states, without Zordon, the Power Rangers will be powerless to stop us.  Lord Zedd decides to give the Rangers a little something to keep them occupied and out of our way.  Lord Zedd decides to create Nimrod, the Scarlet Sentinel. Lord Zedd's spell has hit a statue.  Lord Zedd tells, Goldar, Squatt, and Baboo, we must celebrate. The Green Ranger will soon return to the dark side.  And take his place as heir to my throne.  After awhile,  Lord Zedd becomes furious when he sees the teens have spotted the statue, before his monster is ready.  Goldar is with Lord Zedd.  Lord Zedd sends numerous Putties down to attack the teens.  Lord Zedd is pleased how his plan is coming together.  Before long, Lord Zedd grows impatient and decides to go ahead and unleash Nimrod. The spell hits the statue and the statue begins to form into Nimrod. Soon the Rangers are battling Nimrod. With Goldar by his side, Lord Zedd throws down his grow bomb.  Nimrod grows to giant size and summons AC and DC.  All three monsters battled the Rangers in their Thunder Megazord.