Motorratones de Marte - Lawrence Limburger
  • Lawrence Limburger is a villain in the original "Biker Mice From Mars" comics and tv-shows, he also reappeared in the rebooted series but as a lackey for the Pit Boss.

History Edit

Original Series Edit

Lawrence Limburger is an alien from the planet Plutark. The Plutarkians solely concentrate on conquering other planets, strip-mining them for all their natural resources and move on to the next planet. When Lawrence tried to conquer the planet Mars, he ran into a faction of freedom fighters that rebeleed against him. He captured several freedom fighters. Three of them, a trio of motorcycle-riding, anthropomorphic mice, escaped and left the planet.

Lawrence eventually came to Earth, after assuming a human appearance. He posed as a greedy industrialist that operated out of the city of Chicago. He used several underlings including his brute henchman Greasepit and his wacky scientist Doctor Karbunkle. Limburger continued his Plutarkian mission and turned Chicago into a ghetto. The three biker mice that he once imprisoned, Throttle, Vinnie and Modo, came to Earth and set themselves up at the Last Chance Garage with a mechanic named Charley Davidson. From this garage they waged an ongoing war against Limburger and his minions.

New Series Edit

Following his defeat at the climax of the original series it seemed that fate had sealed Limburger's fate - the once proud alien despot was forced into hiding and became little more than a bumbling lacky to the powerful villain known as Pit Boss, who he sought to usurp but continually failed (though not for lack of effort).

Limburger's new form was slimer than his original form, which the mice commented on - Limburger was momentarily flattered, even though it wasn't really a compliment.. it was revealed that this was not down to any improvement on Limburger's behalf however as he was still the same grotesque fish-like alien he'd always been beneath his human disguise.

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