The Krybots are a series of robotic footsoldiers used by the Troobian Empire and villains from Power Rangers S.P.D. They seem to be made primarily by Broodwing, who sells them to criminals, as well as the Troobian Empire.

Krybots Edit

The most common and weakest series of Krybot, these androids are summoned in groups from spherical objects resembling their heads. Their weapons are blasters that are mounted in place of their left hands.

220px-SPD Bluehead

Blue-Head Krybots Edit

The Blue-Head Krybots are a more advanced form of Krybot and smarter and more powerful than the common models. They often lead squads of common Krybots and their names come from their blue chests and heads. The Blue-Heads use x-shaped blades and blasters and are also summoned from spherical objects resembling their heads, but only one per object.

220px-SPD Orange Head

Orange-Head Krybots Edit

The most powerful and advanced form of Krybot, Orange-Heads are the elite of the Troobian empire. They lead other groups of Krybots and are named for their orange heads and chests. The Orange-Heads wield sword weapons and can use powerful shockwave like energy attacks. They are summoned from spiky, spherical objects resembling their heads.

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