Juuma King Golomois

Juuma King Golomois (獣魔王ゴロモア, Jūmaō Gorumoa, Movie): The leader of the Juuma, a race of demons from another galaxy, that were as evil as the Calamity Demon Clan, with Golomois' power similar to that of Grand Witch Grandieneherself, making him a fearsome enemy with his two swords. The Beast-Demon Hunters forced most of his tribe into extinction, with only Golomois to remain. He soon killed all of his pursuers' people but Beast-Demon Hunter Sieg, losing his Dark Sword in the process. Golomois arrived on Earth where the Dark Sword landed. After escaping Sieg, he was caught by the Saima, and he decided to take advantage of them by making a deal with them. Once he regained his Dark Sword, he assumed his true giant form. It took the combined force of the Demon Hunter power and Victory Robo to finally destroy him for good.

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