267px-Inspector Richard

Hailing from France, Tcheky Karyo is always dependable when it comes to portraying slimy villains, especially in American movies where a guy with an accent is immediately suspect. Karyo is downright ruthless in his performance in Kiss of the Dragon, playing Inspector Richard, the main baddie behind the conspiracy to murder a high-ranking Chinese official. Caught in the middle are one of China's most-decorated detectives, Liu Jian (Jet Li), and an American prostitute, Jessica (Bridget Fonda), being held in France by Richard.

While Richard is older, he doesn't mind getting his hands dirty, like in the first moment when we meet him beating the snot out of a guy in the hotel kitchen or later pulling the trigger on the intended target upstairs. However, he prefers to stand back while his martial-arts-trained killers do the work for him. Hey, wouldn't you with Jet Li trying to take you down?

The Inspector would be a run-of-the-mill top movie cop but Richard earns extra points for his twisted way of holding onto his current flame, Jessica. By continually forcing this prostitute to shoot up with heroin and holding her daughter hostage in a nearby orphanage, Richard is a bit more colorful than your average movie asshole. By crossing that line, he got what he deserved when Jet gave him the Kiss of the Dragon in the end.

INTELLIGENCE - 6: Had a clever plan to pin the murder on Liu Jian, but once things fell apart, he lost control.

POWER - 5: Relied mainly on the physical abilities of his gang to do the dirty work until he could take a free shot of his own.

VILENESS - 8: Kept Jessica strung out - and her daughter locked away - while running his operations with a ruthless hand.

SWAY - 8: Enjoyed intimidating others and shouting, but wasn't quite as convincing lying to the Chinese government.

PURITY - 8: Anyone who uses women and children is beyond caring. Ditto for any unfortunate civilian (or inept gang member) in his way.

PHYSICAL - 4: An older mofo who just stuck to suits most of the time. He may be bad, but he looks good.

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