Les was inspired by the legend of the Hagfish of Gar, a toad-like monster that could hypnotize the minds of children with its singing. After creating a real Hagfish, it was unleashed so Nukus could capture the Beetleborgs while under the Hagfish's trance. However, the signal was useless when the Beetleborgs were borged. In fact, it even blocked the signal to the Beetle Battle Station when they tried to summon the B.V.'s. So the Crustaceans proceeded to hypnotize all the other kids in Charterville by amplifying Hagfish's singing with a stolen truck and loud speakers. Another technique Hagfish could do was to spray opponents with a very sticky goo, as demonstrated after Nukus releases him and sprays Les, and later Drew and Jo on their new Sector Cycles (which they, along with Roland, were taking out for a test-drive; they were to be activated using their Data Bonders). Hagfish ended up defeated by the Beetleborgs' Data Lasers.

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