Guinea Pig

The guinea pig also known as the "Ultimate Creature', is a monstrous zombie and a villain from the 2013 cult B zombie movie Zombie Massacre (also known by its UK DVD title "Apocalypse Z").

He was portrayed by Michael Segal.

the guinea pig has a small but important part in the movie. he is the first unwilling test subject of a bacteriological weapon (hint to the name "guinea pig") for project K a U.S. government program. the bacteriological weapon is injected right into the bloodstream of the unwilling man who was a jailed inmate in Eastern Europe. He starts mutating into a super zombie and is locked up, Doctor Neumann is a man who was working on project K and feels guilty. He goes to kill the guinea pig by Shooting him in the Head and to destroy the bacteriological weapon before he can do it, He is killed by a guard and accidental firing of the gun he had into a gas tank releasing the the creature and the bacteria spreading its effects on the citizens of the area, and turning them into zombies.

He is next seen at the end of the movie attacking General Carter who was responsible for project K killing him by crushing his skull with one hand he go's on to attack the survivors of a team of contracted mercenaries who were sent in to wipe out the zombie plague they shoot and stab him but, it just slows him down. In the end he is blown up and killed by a RPG.