Green Goblin appears in the 1960s animated television series voiced byLen Carlson. The character is depicted as a dimwitted, spoiled robber who is obsessed with magic and the supernatural - fields of expertise that the Goblin in the comics is never interested in (save for one incident in the late 1990s), preferring to use technology to commit crimes. Neither Norman Osborn nor Harry Osborn appear in the show.

A new weapon Green Goblin uses is gremlin dust, which briefly blinds people. He appears in the episodes "The Witching Hour", "Magic Malice" and "To Catch a Spider". He first steals a magician's book of spells and tries using Jameson as a medium to summon demons of the Underworld.Spider-Man stops the summoning in a graveyard, Green Goblin is webbed and jailed. Next, in a similar episode, he steals from Blackwell the Magician's House, and uses his magic powers to commit robberies. While he is in Blackwell's House again, Spider-Man stops him with Blackwell's help, and he is webbed up. In his last appearance the invisible scientist Dr. Noah Boddy breaks him out of jail along with Electro and Vulture. He is the first of the group to encounter Spider-Man, using a special pumpkin bomb with a formula created by Dr. Noah Boddy to weaken Spider-Man's senses. He is defeated finally with the other villains when they have a showdown at midnight with Spider-Man when Spider-Man uses ventriloquism to make them fight each other. The Goblin knocks out Electro with a pumpkin bomb, then Spider-Man knocks him out by deflecting one of his own pumpkin bombs, then webs him up and Green Goblin is jailed along with the other villains.

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