Goldar is the general of Rita and Zedd's forces. He is very powerful but also extremely overconfident in his skills. With him usually fighting alongside putties, Scorpina, or Rito Revolto. Goldar is a humanoid ape, clad in golden armor all surrounding his body.

And was one of the few henchman who could actually hold his own against the Rangers.

Originally he served Lord Zedd, and was very loyal before he was assigned to assist Rita,  in her conquest of Earth. He led Rita's invasion of Earth, only to barely lose to the Power Ranger's Megazord after a hard fought battle.

After this he became one of the rangers most frequent adversaries, being able to engage the entire team all at once, and being noteworthy on telling Rita what to do. And chastised, for failure by Rita, something that carried over when Zedd retook command.

Over the season's Goldar develops and intense hatred for the rangers, but especially Jason and Tommy, due to his constant defeats at their hands. Goldar is noteworthy of the original villians in that he was one of the few who possessed his own zord, in the form Cylopsis, until it was destroyed by the rangers.

When Lord Zedd came back, Goldar was the first to eagerly abandon Rita in favor of Zedd, with Zedd returning the wings he had taken from him back to him. With Zedd he still led many missions against the Rangers, but being defeated many time by the rangers, but more specifically the white ranger.

While being loyal to Zedd, he harbored a great dislike for Rita upon her return to the moon, forcing Finster to create a antidote for the love potion he believed Zedd had been a victim of. He was shocked when Zedd revealed he loved Rita even without the potion. Shortly after this he began working with Rito, during this time in which they developed a sort of friendship.

Goldar and Rito discover the Power Rangers command center, placing a bomb there,but it was fortunately defused by Alpha. But the two were given a map of the command center by Zedd himself, and planted another bomb in the basement, which this time successfully went off, with Goldar stealing the Zeo crystal.

Following this they lost the Zeo crystal, along with their memories wondering the city of Angel Grove, becoming Bulk and Skull's slave in exchange for them providing food. But shortly after was found by Rita and Zedd and was brought back to assist their masters in their campaign to eliminate the machine empire.

Goldar would meet his end during the final episodes of Power Rangers in Space, he was present during Dark Spectre conference, he was the one who discovered Andros's identity by pulling off his cloak.He was one of the monsters who went to capture the gold ranger, and was ultimately purified by Zondon's energy wave.

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