Genie Jafar was a form of Jafar that the character becomes in at the end of Aladdin. He becomes the main antagonist in The Return of Jafar, the first sequel ofAladdin.

Appearance Edit

In this form, Jafar was red, huge, bigger than the good Genie and very muscular. He has the same beard as his human form. Jafar also has black, razor sharp claws, and yellow eyes, teeth and golden cuffs on his wrists, letting Jafar know that he's bounding by the rules of a genie. He also can change into his human form at will, and can shape-shift into anything he wants.

Aladdin Edit

Jafar uses his final wish to become "an all-powerful genie", but he was then surprised when Aladdin reminds him that genies are not free entities as he was sucked into his new black lamp, dragging Iago with him. Genie flicks the lamp into the Cave of Wonders.

The Return of Jafar Edit

Then, in The Return of Jafar, Iago escapes their lamp and defects to the good guys. Aladdin, Jasmine, the Genie, Abu and Carpet engage Jafar in combat, but even when bound by the rules of the Genie, he easily outmatches them, using his tremendous powers to stop them from getting the lamp. His indiscriminate use of power opens a fissure in the ground which is filled with magma. Throughly trapped, Aladdin, Jasmine, the Genie, and Abu face certain death when suddenly Iago reappears and grabs the lamp. Jafar blasts him, leaving him for dead, but Iago manages to recover for a moment and uses his last ounce of strength to kick the lamp into the magma. The lamp melts upon landing in the magma, and thus Jafar meets his end by violently imploding into a cloud of dust.

Video Game Appearance Edit

Genie Jafar also appeared in the Kingdom Hearts videogame series where he tried to destroy Sora and his friends before taking over the city of Agrabah but failed.

Quotes Edit

  • "All shall bend to my will. The world is mine to control!"
  • "This is the end. Obey me."
  • "I will destroy it all!"

Trivia Edit

  • In Kingdom Hearts II, before the battle with the Jafar Genie began he did his hand motions from the original Aladdin movie before he became imprisoned.
  • In Kingdom Hearts II, Jafar was destroyed first then his lamp melted away. However in The Return of Jafar, the reverse occurs: Jafar's lamp was destroyed, then Jafar himself.