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Gargamel is the main antagonist of The Smurfs Film Series. He is an evil wizard and the arch-nemesis of the smurfs. His goal is to use the smurf essence essence to become the most powerful wizard and control the world.

He is portrayed by Hank Azaria who also played Kahmunrah and Carlos.

The Smurfs Edit

Gargamel plots to use the smurf essence to become the most powerful wizard in the wolrd. When he chases the smurfs away from their village they end up in New York City along with himself and Azrael. When he gets a dragon wand he captures Papa Smurf and takes him to his castle in central park where he uses his essence to power up his dragon wand and use it against his smurf family and their human friends patrick and grace.

The Smurfs 2 Edit

Gargamel is a famous celebrity magician in Paris and has two new creations called the naughties to help him capture the smurfs. He captures Smurfette to get the formula that Papa used to turn her into a real smurf so he can turn his naughties into real smurfs and use their essence to become more powerful and rule the world. When Smurfette refuses to tell him the formula Gargamel and his naughties plot to be nice to her to become one of them to persuade her to tell them the formula when she does he puts his naughties and smurfette in his smurf extracting machine to use their essence and take control over the world. When Papa smurf and the three other smurfs come to resuce Smurfette patrick and victor arrive to and destroy Gargamel's machine and unleashes all of the smurf magic which carrys everyone out of the castle when Smurfette shoots Gargamel away with Azrael they fly across Paris then Gargamel shoots a portal into the water he and Azrael end up back in their castle.