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I don't want to eat them, I don't want to turn them into gold, all I want now is to DESTROY THEM!
~ Gargamel

Gargamel is an evil wizard of debatable skill who acts as the main antagonist of the Smurfs cartoon and written-fiction. His main goal in life is to capture the Smurfs, the reasons varying from story to story but in general so as to either eat them or use them as ingredients in one of his potions.

Personality Edit

Gargamel has a nasty personality - being a hateful old man who dislikes pretty much everyone, but his hatred of the Smurfs is a particular fiery and vocal one. Gargamel will sometimes feign friendship for personal gain and is, like many cartoon villains, a coward at heart. His abode is a run-down hut which he shares with his cat Azrael - who can be considered an enemy of the Smurfs as well.

Gargamel's plans to capture the Smurfs are always elaborate and bizarre but doomed to failure - this failure seems to have given him a very bad-temper as he commonly yelled out his hatred for the Smurfs after every defeat (a trait not dissimilar to a certain Dr. Robotnik in the old Sonic cartoons). In his efforts to cause trouble to the Smurfs Gargamel created Smurfette. Despite his hatred of the Smurfs he has had to be aided by Papa Smurf on a few occasions - usually when he is targeted by a more wicked (and competent) villain or to rescue him from a potion gone horribly wrong. Despite his antisocial nature he has an apprentice named Scruple, a magical troublemaker that only he is willing to teach magic.

In a Smurf story, he's the twin brother of Gourmelin, his twin brother who is the contraries because his twin is more gentle than him. We suppose they got one of the different side of their parents Gargamel have the evil side from their mother and his twin have the good side from their father. he also have three nephews who are triplets they are maybe from a other brother he have. He force them to capture the smurfs. But they trapped him by make him go to a lynx cave. He also have a cousin a other warlock, Who him to is gentle then him he hate all all of his family member who are nice.

In the Movies Edit

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Britney Spears Oh La La Music Video Edit

Gargamel makes a cameo appearance when he zapped Britney Spears by transferring her in Smurf Village.

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