Jeffrey "Jeff" Fungus is the (former) tertiary antagonist of Monsters, Inc.. He is Randall Boggs's former henchman.

He is constantly scared by Randall's mad personality.

Fungus isn't even a real villain, but a cowardly monster working with Randall.

He later redeem himself at the end of the movie and he is forgiven by his new boss Sulley for conspiring with Randall. Fungus is also much more happier without Randall and with his new job.

Personality Edit

Fungus doesn't stand up for himself very often, mainly because he is scared of Randall due to the latter's short, explosive temper. He is much pleased to be saved from such wicked leaders as Waternoose & Randall, and became a comedian at the laughter-changed Monsters, Inc.

Appearance Edit

Fungus is a red monster with 3 brown eyes and chicken-like legs. He wears glasses with 3 lenses.