Frosty was one of the Snowy Cones Thugs who worked for Mr. Freeze.

HistoryEdit Edit

Frosty was a thug who used to work for Mr. Freeze. During that time he worked for the Snowy Cones Thugs and Ms. B. Haven. After that he took 7 minutes off work and continued to guard the door. But much to his dismay he heard a noise somewhere in the distance. Disguised in his warm suit, he listened to his boss who tells him about his plan is to freeze Gotham and hold it for ransom unless the city bows to his demands and Gotham will be winter forever and they have no choice to bring the billions he needs to complete his research so he could find a cure for his wife. Frosty hears a noise again and decides to investigate. And while looking around he stumbles across Batman and Robin and as he tries to run away, panicking, he screams and gets captured by the duo. Later Mr. Freeze decided to let his Thugs investigate. Soon enough they spot Frosty standing frozen and injured from being knocked out. They tell their boss and say that something is not right. Despite Frosty's death Mr. Freeze decides to investigate and tells Frosty that he did not complete his task while staring at him right in the eyes. But he also says that he wishes to never hire him again.

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