Fang was a gooney bird egg-obsessed monster created byFinster. Baboo and Squatt eat his gooney-bird eggs, causing this apparently non-evil monster to go insane and become easily manipulated by the forces of evil. He claims that the eggs were intended for lunch, but his actions indicate that they were more to him than just a delicious treat. Rita promises Fang an endless supply of gooney bird eggs, but only if he can defeat the Rangers first. Fang complies with this ultimatum, having been convinced that the Rangers had stolen his previous batch of eggs. Jason tries to comply with Fang by explaining to him that they aren't aware of any eggs and that they haven't taken anything from him, but Fang doesn't want to listen. After Fang mercilessly clobbers the Megazord and the Dragonzord, and then the Dragonzord Battle Mode and Tyrannosaurus, the Rangers are left with no other choice but to defend themselves by destroying Fang with the Ultrazord.

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