Elgar was the dimwitted nephew of space pirate Divatox and General Havoc, and the grandson of Mama D. Elgar's parents were never revealed, but the existence of a fourth unnamed sibling is paramount due to the fact he is the nephew of Divatox, her brother, and presumably Dimitria, although he seems to be a creature of a species different from the rest of his family. He assisted Divatox in her fight against the Turbo Rangers in any way he could. He was later reassigned by Dark Specter to serve Astronema (to her chagrin, as she didn't want him around) in battling the Space Rangers. Months later, when Dark Specter initiated the takeover of the universe, Elgar was destroyed by Zordon's energy wave.

Elgar was armed with the Card Sword, named as such due to the blade looking like a row of playing cards. Elgar could fire blasts of energy from the sword, as well as teleport. While under Divatox's employ, Elgar piloted the Terrorzord, though it ended up being transformed into a camel by one of Porto's monsters.

According to the episode Wheel of Fate, Elgar is illiterate, nor can he swim.

Elgar was one of the two characters whose image changed from American footage to Carranger footage. The American footage showed his face as goofy, but in Carranger, Zelmoda was taller, his head was longer, he had markings down the side of his face, wore long gold earrings, and his eyes were made different, giving him a much meaner look.

Elgar was played by Danny Wayne Stallcup, who was credited as Kenny Graceson for the second half of the season. He was voiced by Derek Stephen Prince, but credited as David Umansky.