491px-Dr Stinky McNasty

Dr. Stinky McNasty is the main villain of the first Ricky Ricotta's Mighty Robot book.

Ricky Ricotta's Mighty Robot Edit

The story begins with Ricky Ricotta playing kickball on his school playground. Meanwhile, Dr. Stinky McNasty plots something evil in his secret cave. He builds a giant robot so he can destroy Squeakyville and take over the world. Dr. Stinky orders the robot to jump, stomp, and demolish the city, but the robot refuses.

Furious, Dr. Stinky takes up a ray gun and begins to zap the robot with it. In desperation Ricky kicks a kickball at the wicked scientist, causing the ray gun to fall and break on the sidewalk. Dr. Stinky vows revenge and jumps down a sewer drain.

Later, Dr. Stinky rushes into the school and feeds the class lizard a magic potion. The lizard turns into a huge monster and Dr. Stinky sends it to destroy Ricky and his robot.

The robot fights the monster and defeats it. Afterwards, the monster turns back into a tiny lizard. In a fit of rage, Dr. Stinky aims a rocket at the robot. Ricky jumps onto Dr. Stinky to protect his friend just as the evil scientist fires the rocket. The giant robot chases the rocket and it lands on Dr. Stinky's cave, blowing it up.

Afterwards, Dr. Stinky is locked away in the Squeakyville jail.

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