Dr Jason Woodrue was an insane scientist who worked in a lab run by Wayne Enterprises in South America. He created a serum which when injected into someone's cranium would turn them into a Super Soldier. He planned to create many of these soldiers to sell to corrupt politicians and terrorists from around the world. One night, he gathered together some potential bidders for his first experiment. He had a street thug brought to the lab and had him strapped down. He then fed his serum into the thugs head and he began to change physically. The thug grew in height and body mass and gained almost super-human strength. Dr Woodrue christened his new creation Bane. One of Dr Woodrue's colleagues, Dr Pamela Isely had witnessed all of this and threatened to report Woodrue to the authorities. Worried, Woodrue pushes Isely into her venom research experiments and assumes that she is dead. Later in the lab, Woodrue is confronted by Pamela who advised that the venom did not kill her. She has become super-villain Poison Ivy. She kisses Woodrue with her poisonous lips which suddenly kills him.

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