Char 76563

Dr. Damage

Dr. Damage is Bog's more intelligent right-hand-man, Damage constantly suspects that the Butt-Uglies are up to something. He's usually right, but rarely noticed. Damage (pronounced "dah-mahj") invents many instruments to try and win the conquest of Earth, but these usually lead to the Butt-Uglies destroying them and making Damage look like a fool in the process. He constantly insults Bog behind his back, despite Bog usually hearing him, and so always has to make up a compliment that sounds vaguely like what he was saying (e.g. "Royal nincompoop" becomes "loyal troops" in the first episode). He has also, on some occasions, tried to overthrow Emperor Bog as Martian emperor. However, Emperor Bog eventually found out about this ambition and, as Damage's punishment for his attempts to take over the position of Martian Emperor, made Damage wash and wax every ship on their base, and had Shaboom and Infi-Knight watch him to make sure that he did the job right.

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