1000px-Dinobot II

Megatron always did have a thing for that traitor, Dinobot. But when his former lieutenant betrayed him, joined the Maximals, and ultimately gave his life to stop one of Megatron's most ambitious plans, this wasn't the end, no. A shambling, slavering Frankenstein's monster, this new Dinobot is Megatron's attempt to recreate the original without all that cumbersome honor. Powerful, vicious, and most importantly, loyal, Dinobot is a living weapon to be aimed and released in the Maximals' direction. Megatron would have the last word on the raptor's legacy.

Or so he thought. Even though Dinobot's spark is technically half ofRampage's, some still wonder if there's anything left of the original Dinobot in there. If so, and that's a big "if," it'd have to take something cataclysmic to bring it to the surface.

In Ultima, Dinobot II is in league with Kang, who removed him from his timestream in order to recruit the perfect warrior for his Conquerer Armada. However, Dinobot II, despite his slowly regaining traits regarding honor, is still loyal to Beast Megatron, and will not follow Kang's orders unless special force is recquired. Oh sure, Kang is a lot more honorable and noble than Megatron, but Dinobot's loyalty to his original master is still foremost on his priorities, and serving Kang is not going to change that.ot

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