Group: Android - Level: Ultimate - Type: Virus - Attack Techniques: Digital Bomb, Data Crusher Datamon is a good example of why you should never judge a book by it's cover. He's small and harmless-looking, and he approached the kids claiming to be good, but in reality, he's packed with power, and evil through and through! Long ago, Datamon battled Etemon, but was defeated. Etemon captured the damaged Datamon and sealed him inside his pyramid, forcing him to run his Dark Network. As time went on, Datamon slowly repaired himself, and began to take partial control of Etemon's Network. When the DigiDestined arrived on Server, Etemon blamed them for recent malfunctions in his network, when in reality, it was Datamon who was responsible. Datamon sent the kids an e-mail through Izzy's computer when it was latched up to an access port for Etemon's Network, and told them he was being held prisoner in the pyramid. He promised that if they helped free him, he could take them to Sora's Crest. The kids formulated a plan, and snuck inside the pyramid, breaching the chamber where Datamon was held. Just as Etemon barged in, they succeeded in freeing Datamon, but he immediately turned on them and captured Sora and Biyomon. Taking them to another chamber deeper inside the pyramid, Datamon set about attempting to create a digital duplicate of Sora, who could use her Crest, but would be under his control. Tai was able to save her, allowing her to recover her Crest from Datamon, when Etemon smashed his way in again, and engaged Datamon in battle. Datamon then dropped computer viruses into the Dark Network (presumably this was his Digital Bomb attack), which began to suck in matter, eradicating it. Datamon was sucked into the Network and destroyed. Datamon appears in "The Prisoner of the Pyramid" and "The Earthquake of Metal Greymon." His voice is supplied by Eddie Frierson.
Name: From the word "data," meaning information.

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