HistoryEdit Edit

Doctor Curtis Connors was a scientist, and also a teacher atEmpire State University, New York City.

Curt had lost an arm in an accident, and decided to experiment with reptilian cells and a device called the "Neogenic Recombinator" in order to attempt to re-grow the arm. The operation was initially successful, but a side-effect meant that Curt transformed into a humanoid reptile himself. He then planned to use the recombinator to create a new race, which would make all humans similar to him. Spider-Man stopped him and used the recombinator to transform the Lizard back into Curt. Despite this, in future, Curt would continue to transform into the Lizard with a reptilian mind if he was subject to stress.

Curt helped Spider-Man when the wall-crawler bonded with an alien symbiote, and Curt explained to him that the symbiote had chosen him as a host and would eventually replace him. He also later helped Eddie Brock un-bind from the symbiote and helped Spider-Man through his mutation disease.

At one point, some of the serum which originally resulted in Curt becoming the Lizard, leaked into the sewer where small reptile species drank it, resulting in them growing in size and intelligence. They thought of Curt as their "father" but eventually turned against him, although Spider-Man helped him stop them.

When the Beyonder wanted to see who would prevail in a battle between "good" and "evil", he chose the Lizard as one of the evil characters. However, during the battle, on Spider-Man's behalf Reed Richards made it so that Curt could fight on the good team with his own mind but in the reptile body.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit Edit

Powers Edit

See Curtis Connors (Earth-616)#Powers

Abilities Edit

See Curtis Connors (Earth-616)#Abilities

Strength level Edit

Normal human strength, enhanced and reptilian as the Lizard.

Weaknesses Edit

See Curtis Connors (Earth-616)#Weaknesses

NotesEdit Edit

  • The character is voiced by Joseph Campanella inSpider-Man: The Animated Series.

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