Colonel Zol

Colonel Zol is the name of the first Shocker commander of the Japanese series Kamen Rider.

About Him Edit

Although Colonel Zol is the first Shocker commandment, he was from Shocker's German branch. His attire consists of a Nazi soldier. He can assume his kajin form Wolf Man, a wolf monster. In episode 39, he becomes Wolf Man to battle Kamen Rider Nigo, who destroys him with Rider Punch.

Other Appearances Edit

  • In Kamen Rider V3, Colonel Zol was ressurected by Destron, then dies in an exploding Destron base.
  • In Movie War 2010, criminal Narutaki becomes Colonel Zol. Something different about him is that he is unable to resume his Wolf Man form like the original. Somehow, Zol blacked out and become Narutaki again. He then flees.

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