Chameleon Mutant

Chameleon Mutant (1st Movie) - A chameleon monster. It can camouflage itself as different objects, attack with his tongue, and create clones of himself. Gorgom used it to kidnap children in hopes that they can turn the captive children into Gorgom Mutants and lure Kamen Rider BLACK to them. During one of its kidnapping sprees, Chameleon Mutant ran afoul of Kamen Rider BLACK until Bilgenia arrived and told Chameleon Mutant to retreat. With the help of a fisherman, Kotaro heads to Demon Island where the captive children are held. There, he is attacked by more Chameleon monsters. Kotaro transforms into Kamen Rider BLACK and fights them until he finds the Gorgom High Priests and falls into their trap. Kamen Rider BLACK manages to break free, fends off this monster, release the children, and cause the destruction of the High Priest's lab. Chameleon Mutant then ambushed Kamen Rider BLACK who ended up bound in the tongues of these Chameleon monsters. Kamen Rider BLACK used his Kingstone Flash to break free and use his Rider Punch to killed the other Chameleon Mutant clones before he killed the real one with the Rider Kick.

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